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Welcome to the online application for Public Allies’ ten-month AmeriCorps program.

Completing the application usually takes about an hour and requires the following:

  • Your work history; you can either upload a resume (doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt formats allowed) or type in your work history;
  • Responses to at least 1 short answer question about why you are interested in Public Allies (questions vary based on the site you are applying to); and
  • Contact information for 3 references (name, phone number, and email address).

You can start the online application at any time, save it, and return to it at a later time to complete and submit.

You can learn more about our program, as well as contact information and application deadlines for each site, at

We highly recommended you reach out to site(s) which you are interested in applying for and connect with local staff before you apply. Most sites start in September, but some have other start dates throughout the year.

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